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EGGLESTON ENTERTAINMENT is a full service recording and film company specializing in music documentaries, videos and music production. If you’re looking for unique and professional content that is true to you and your brand, get in touch and let us know about your upcoming project.






Lean On Me - Bill Withers (Shepherds of Good Hope Cover)

Lean On Me - Bill Withers (Shepherds of Good Hope Cover)

Shepherds of Good Hope is proud to present “Lean on Me” as a part of our 40th anniversary celebration. Produced by Eric Eggleston and featuring local Ottawa musicians, this is the third production in our Trilogy of Hope music series. Each song in the trilogy has purpose and meaning; Optimism and Hope is found in George Harrison’s iconic “Here Comes the Sun”. Compassion and Acceptance permeates Ben E King’s “Stand by Me”. Community and Empathy stand out in our inspiring rendition of Bill Withers’ iconic “Lean on Me”. Shepherds of Good Hope is one of the largest organizations supporting people experiencing and exiting homelessness in the City of Ottawa. For four decades, our staff and volunteers have been on the front lines of multiple crises, including the housing and homelessness state of emergency, toxic overdose crisis and COVID-19 pandemic. You can support the work of Shepherds of Good Hope in our community, by donating at You can support those experiencing homelessness by using your smartphone right now to make a $25 donation by TEXTING the word HOPE to 41010. ***** *Credits:* Directed & edited by Eric Eggleston Director of Photography: Zachary Spence Audio Production: Eric Eggleston Lean on Me written by Bill Withers Audio Mastering: Mauricio Gargel Color Grading: Michael Descheneaux *In order of Appearance:* Charlotte Quamaniq Ozzy Tyler Kealey Michel Delage Sam Stone Tara Shannon Michael Curtis Hanna Matthew Luloff James Rooke Lynne Hanson Blair Michael Hogan Anna Ludlow Louis Schryer London Trio Plus *Special Thanks:* Gene Bruce L’institut canadien-français d’Ottawa Jeff O’Reilly Aislinn Calvert Tara Shannon Leanne Moussa Phil Bissonnette Courtney Lavergne Shepherds of Good Hope is sincerely grateful to everyone involved in the production of 'Lean on Me', and for their support. Ottawa is built on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabe territory. The peoples of the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation have lived on this territory for millennia. Their culture and presence have and continue to nurture this land. Shepherds of Good Hope honours the peoples and the land of the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation. The Shepherds of Good Hope honours all First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples and their valuable past and present contributions to this land. Learn more about Shepherds of Good Hope Charitable Registration Number: 87601 7609 RR0001
Eggleston Entertainment- 2022 Year In Review

Eggleston Entertainment- 2022 Year In Review

Inquiries: Audio produced & co-produced by Eric Eggleston. Video content produced & edited by Eric Eggleston The Human Crush is written and directed by Eric Eggleston Additional Audio Engineering: Paul Mitchel Cinematography: Zachary Spence Ivan Cooke Max Spence Eric Eggleston Jeremy Kennedy In order of appearance : Normand Glaude Eric Eggleston Alanna Sterling Michel Delage Jeremy James Brigit O'Regan Kira Montfort Tyler Kealey Don Kealey Sam Stone Brian Asselin Rosewood Ave Zach Veaudreuil James Rooke Zachary Spence Rachel Beausoleil Dan Petti Ellie Gadzos Padre Diego Rachael Brown Josef Amal Wahab Kelly Craig Eli Boucher Louis Schryer Jacqueline Enright Jason Harrison Steven Phaneuf Paul Mitchel Benoit Bergevin Sadie Otis Strange JW Jones Eric Johnson-Scherger Jeff Rogers Babies With Rabies Monkey Rock Special Thanks to: Kenevan ‘fine octane’ McConnon Tara Shannon Daniel Rodriguez Michel Descheneaux John Buffone Mauricio Gargel Amal Wahab Adèle Bissonnette Tim Connors Peter Gilroy Songwriting Credits (in order of appearance): When Will This End, Monsters Under My Bed (A. Sterling) Olivia (E.Eggleston, Tyler Kealey) Breathe (E.Eggleston, S.Stone) Pilot (E.Gadzos) Oceanesque (E.Eggleston) Gravedigger (E.Eggleston, Josef) The Vagabond (E.Eggleston, Josef) The Kraken (E.Eggleston) Broken Shoes (E.Eggleston, L.Schryer) Save My Life (E.Eggleston) Open Highway (Otis Strange) Papa's In The Pen (J-W Jones, D.Cooper)

Eggleston Entertainment (formerly Johnny Hall Productions) has full film and audio production capabilities; provides custom songwriting as well as access to its eclectic song library.

A graduate of the “In the Studio with Bruce Swedien" masterclass in Los Angeles (engineer/mixer Michael Jackson)
 , Eric Eggleston has also mentored with Grammy-winning mixer & producer Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer) and David Kahne (Paul McCartney, the Strokes, Sublime & the Bangles) respectively.

​Eric is comfortable working in most styles of music, often blending genres to create a new and unique sound. His work has been used in television and on terrestrial radio.

From 2019-2024, Eric wrote, produced and directed a
music-docuseries for Bell Media titled 'The Human Crush' as
well as its French version, 'La quête sonique.' 

Eric has worked and collaborated with Kobo Town, Jeff Dawson, Jeff Coplan, Michael Wagener, Alan Frew, Ashley MacIsaac, Red Queen Publishing, Shepherds of Good Hope, Virgin Radio UK, Alanna Sterling, Hip-Joint Productions, Chuck Wild, Aaron Kamin, Simon Wilcox, the NHL and more,    


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"Eric is an absolute wizard. He helps you tap into the depths of your creativity and amplifies it to the point of no return. Every creative session is full of magic. He puts his heart and soul in every artist he works with to bring out their most unique and authentic sound. If you’re looking for a creative force that will help you push the envelope as far as your eyes can see, this is your guy, he’s truly one of a kind."



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